Not sure if everyone has been reading their emails or seeing the reports in the news, but if things were not challenging enough, it looks like we have yet another education-related issue in Newark that will keep us, parents, up at night.

People, we have a real situation at Malcolm X Shabazz High School – and while I am still debating in my mind whether this is a true scandal for the school district, it’s definitely been on my mind.  

I would urge everyone to get educated on recent developments. As an alumnus of the South Ward of Newark the status of Malcolm X Shabazz is always important to me, what we are reading in the press is all heartbreaking, but let’s face it – it’s more of the same. This is not the first time we have seen this kind of violence at Shabazz, and as I have detailed in past blog posts, this is not the first time we have seen Roger the Dodger say one thing but truly not have a solution,

When it comes to this issue, I want to send special recognition to A SPECIAL NPS EMPLOYEE. THANK YOU for helping me to understand the actual victims in all this posturing! Our conversation not only shed light on the subject but enabled me to change my perspective on future blogs.

So here we go again with the superintendent, the mayor, and the school board going back and forth with their opinions – but no solutions. And while Shabazz burns, I do not see anyone asking our students what they think or how they feel about the current state of violence within their school.

While we debate right and wrong with our schools, we must never forget that our children continue to see us do nothing.

Imagine being a child who attends Shabazz and overcoming obstacles to make it to school – only to hear adults say that you are a failure. 

Just think what it must feel like coming from a low-income community, with parents who are barely making it, to find out that our civic leaders have such little faith in our kids.

Let’s not forget about all the students that get up every day and want to defy those odds.

Let’s also not forget the faculty and staff that work tirelessly every day to give the kids a fighting chance in this world.

As we educate ourselves on what is happening at Shabazz and the little, we see in terms of leadership to address this issue, let us all put in the effort to make sure our children’s voices are represented. Our children are great, but ADULTS, especially our elected and appointed leader, need to do better.

Shabazz. I am with you. You are in my prayers. Thank you, TO ALL NPS EMPLOYEES THAT CARE – for all you do!

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